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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Breakfast Beer Tasting: Ramsbottom Craft Brewery Scythe Party Mild

An unusual outing this morning; with the rare opportunity to sample a bottle-conditioned Mild. It’s the standard RBC 500ml and comes in at 3.9% which seems weak, but is actually stronger than most contemporary Milds.

It poured a chestnut brown with reasonable carbonation and a thin beige head. The aroma was very subtle with just a hint of berried fruit and a little malt. The taste was interesting; sharper than you would expect. Instead of a smooth mouthfeel, you get some malty fruitiness and then a slightly tart finish.

This might be considered something of a faux pas, if not for the fact that the bottle says it’s a Mild with a little tartness. So it does what it says on the tin. That, to some, may make this more of a Bitter than a Mild, but beer semantics aside; I can’t see anyone being offended by this gentle offering. 

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