Breakfast Beer Tasting: Ramsbottom Craft Brewery Daffodil Pale Ale

The mornings might be dark and miserable and the evenings dark and, er, miserable, but today we look towards spring and daffodils. Yes, it’s Daffodil Pale Ale. As usual from RCB, it’s a 500ml bottle-conditioned beer and comes in bang on at 4%.

I missed out on trying the Daffodil IPA at 6.2%, but this is presumably its baby brother. It poured a nice light amber with good carbonation and the merest trace of an off-white head. The aroma was promising; citrus notes of fresh orange.

The taste was clean and crisp. An orange led burst of flavour develops tangerine notes over a balanced malt backbone and finishes tart and dry. Despite the temptation to serve this cooler, I would let it warm up to fully appreciate its balanced nature.

An excellent little effort that shows it is possible to bottle-condition lower strength beers and still maintain a depth of flavour. 


Brew Wales said…
Aren't daffodils poisonous?
Tyson said…
Dunno, I've never eaten one.

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