(1) Matt Holmes, the man behind Ramsbottom Craft Brewery, has finally become legitimate. He has been brewing for some 12 months now at his garage in Heapworth Avenue and possesses all the correct paperwork to cover insurance, Customs and Excise etc but lacked one crucial piece of paper.

The council said that as he was running a business from home, he would have to apply for retrospective planning permission. This has now been granted and his operation has been given the “rubber stamp” of approval. As it’s on residential premises, though, there won't be any brewery tours in the foreseeable future.

(2) Yates Wine Lodge on Market Street, Bury. Figures have just been published that show that the police in Greater Manchester were called out to pubs, bars and clubs some 56,000 times over the last two years.

Unsurprisingly Manchester City Centre venues take up all the places in the top 10. But look at premises outside of Manchester and the winner is Yates in Bolton with 182 call outs. And with a very respectable silver spot is Yates in Bury with 157.

Mind you, if you should bypass the drunken clientele either urinating or sleeping-or both-on the steps and find yourself in there, ringing 999 may well be the best option. 


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