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Monday, 28 January 2013

The Drink Driving Pill (2)

Remember this story about Arthur Kibble and the drink drive pill? If you though the tablet had been banned and Mr Kibble consigned to the Andy Warhol trashcan of fame, you’d be wrong. They haven’t and he appeared in the news today for all the wrong reasons.

It appears that not everyone was a fan of the product and, according to Mr Kibble; he has received hate mail and deaths threats that have forced the 66 year-old to quit as ALCO-PAL’s UK agent. He explained: “I have had people waiting for me at my local pub. I have had hate mail. It has caused domestic problems.”

The final straw came when a gunman appeared at his door and threatened him after claiming his wife had been killed by a drunk driver. A worrying escalation when one has to remember that he was selling a legal, albeit controversial, product. It certainly doesn’t seem worth the stress for what he probably originally envisaged as an easy way to make a few quid. 

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