Up And At Them

It seems that there is some good news in 2013 concerning Call Me Dave and Wee Eck’s puritanical campaign against alcohol and its perceived blight on society. The Scotch Whisky Association has already filed a formal complaint to the European Commission over plans for minimum pricing and they, along with other trade bodies, will shortly argue their case in the Court of Sessions.

Now the Wine & Spirit Association is leading a campaign to get the public on board in opposing minimum pricing. Something which is, after all, in their own best interests. The campaign will take the form of PR and radio spots highlighting how the measure is out of touch with the current economic climate and how it will affect the poorest hardest of all.

There will also be a website-going live on Tuesday-that will feature a calculator to demonstrate how minimum pricing will impact on the drinks people buy. This is just the sort of organised action that is required and it’s good to see the likes of Asda, Morrisons and Diageo etc get together in this way. It may be a long fight, but getting the public onside is a good place to start.

One glaring name is shamefully absent from the campaign: CAMRA. Sadly, instead of leading the assault on the barricade of minimum pricing, they seem content to shelter behind it. 


RedNev said…
As an active CAMRA member, I agree entirely. I recently received an e-mail about motions to the CAMRA AGM, which I'll be attending; perhaps minimum pricing might be a good topic.
Cooking Lager said…
Shelter behind it? Looks to me that the beards actively support it.

I hope active members like Nev can knock some sense into them.

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