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Friday, 22 February 2013

Breakfast Beer Tasting: Oro Di Milano Doppio Malto

Think of Italy and what comes to mind? Cheese obviously, well it does for me, anyway. But the land of Berlusconi has more to offer than pizza. Yes, apparently, it does beer as well. Now I’ve heard they produce the odd bit of wine, but beer, come on? Actually they have a growing reputation as a beer producer, hence this sampling.

It’s a 330ml bottle with an abv of 6.5%. It poured with an appealing clear amber hue and a medium off-white head. The aroma was subtle: mainly malt with a touch of honey. The beer itself was medium bodied and well balanced. A little bit of sweet malt as you’d expect up front, but then berried fruit and good lasting dryness in the aftertaste.

With this being a double malt beer, I had few hopes of liking it. However, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s supposed to be Belgian in style and whilst I’m not sure about that, it’s a well structured and flavoursome beer. As usual the acid test is the Tyson drinkability factor. And on that, it scores very well.

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