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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Breakfast Beer Tasting: Ramsbottom Craft Brewery Ice Cap Pilsener

We’re coming over all Bohemian today with this Czech style offering from Bury’s most innovative brewery. Pilsner (yes, I prefer the alternate spelling) is a deceptively simple style of beer. Deceptive because many brewers fail to get the basics right and end up producing a pale(yes, really) imitation of a true Pilsner.

This is a bottle-conditioned, 500ml specimen and, coming in at 5.5%, technically counts as an export strength style. It poured a pleasingly (I know it’s almost heresy these days) clear golden with excellent condition and a large white head.

The aroma was subdued; a little floral and bready. As usual with RCB beers, the alcohol was quite well hidden and flavours crisp on the tongue. These consisted of a good malt Pilsner backbone overlaid with floral, almost grassy tones and a medium dry aftertaste.

I have to say that, at this strength and lacking any buttery or bittering characteristics, this doesn’t work as a Pilsner for me. However, it’s a perfectly acceptable stronger lager and would probably sit well on a craft bar somewhere. 

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