The last Monday of the month usually sees a meet the brewer event at Port Street Beer House. And last night proved no exception with Eddie and John from Gadds taking turns to entertain the expectant throng. At heart, Eddie is a traditionalist in terms of production and marketplace. That’s not to say Gadds don’t experiment-they do-but Eddie’s passion for local, fresh beer for local people came through loud and clear. As did his love for the East Kent Golding: not to be confused with any other Golding, but that’s a whole other story.

And if you’re wondered why some of their beers are numbered, well the wife’s a mathematician and naming beers is boring, right?!

A 4.3% amber coloured session Bitter made with lots of Goldings and a little crystal malt.

Gadds No 3
A 5% premium Pale Ale inspired by Sierra Nevada.

Oatmeal Stout
This 4.6% Stout uses natural crushed oats and Fuggles hops to create a quite smooth drinking experience. My favourite of the night.

Kent Pale Ale
A 6.5% beer that is brewed (and tweaked) each year to try and showcase East Kent Goldings at their finest.

Common Conspiracy
A 4.8% special that combines German hops with American West Coast yeast to give a Californian style "Common" beer.

Thanks to Eddie & John and the PSBH crew for another enjoyable evening. 


Mini Brewery said…
Its Common not Divine Conspiracy
Tandleman said…
Crikey. What's with the odd font?

Also, do get a discount for such regular attendance? You ought to.
Tyson said…

Thanks. I was told it was Divine by someone who should know better and who I won't let forget their mistake. Probably explains why I don't recall it being Belgian like, though.:)

Dunno. Everything looks the same to me in IE.
Paul Bailey said…
I always understood the numbers that Gadds' assign to their beers are a reflection on how many pints of them one could drink. Thus a drinker could put away 7 pints of Gadds' No.7 Bitter Ale (3.8%), 5 pits of their No.5 Best Bitter Ale (4.4%), but only 3 pints of the No.3 Kent Pale Ale (5.0%).

ps. Good to see Eddie spreading the word so far north!
Tyson said…

Quite possibly, but that wasn't the offical version I was given:)

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