Ramsbottom RNLI Beer Festival

Just a quick note to congratulate the organisers of the second Ramsbottom RNLI beer festival which took place last weekend. Building on the success of last year’s event, they tweaked it to make it even better this time. Judging beer quantities is difficult at festivals, particularly the first event and last year there were complaints that the beer had run out too early on Saturday. This year extra beer was ordered and there was still a good selection on Saturday evening.

The format is simple, but effective. Fifty beers (there was cider as well this year) served through handpull and in oversized, lined glasses. And at £2.40 a pint, punters were paying less than in the pub, which is unusual and not unwelcome. Ramsbottom Civic Hall is an excellent venue, so that helps, but the most important part is that all profits go to the RNLI. Last year £1600 was raised and it’s hoped that this year that total will be beaten.

Tyson’s top tipple: Brewsters Wicked Women.


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