Breakfast Beer Tasting: Atlantic Discovery Rich Cornish Porter With Blackcurrant And Molasses

When you’re told a beer is “weird”, it tends to tickles the curiosity bone of your inner beer geek. So it was with today’s breakfast beer It certainly sounds odd, but once you’ve tried and survived a Jalapeno IPA, it’s all good clean fun.

This is a 330ml bottle, weighs in at 5.5% and comes in bottle-conditioned form. It poured Porter black with good carbonation and a small tan head. The aroma was mainly chocolate, a little coffee and (I think) black cherry.

The taste was, frankly, quite strange. There’s blackcurrant, black grape and a tangy bittersweet edge that is presumably coming from the molasses. The texture and overall experience is akin to drinking Ribena or something of that ilk.

You would be hard pressed to tell this was a Porter in a blind-tasting as, although there are roast notes in there, the dark fruit flavours throw you a curveball. It’s designed to be drank and matched with strongly flavoured food such as venison and it will probably work well with that.

Tyson says: Worth a try, but I suspect Oatibix isn’t the best match for it. 


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