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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Breakfast Beer Tasting: Atlantic Discovery Red Celtic Bitter with Cinnamon & Orange

After the last, rather disappointing, outing for a flavoured Atlantic beer, I thought I’d give them another chance. So we now have cinnamon and orange: two things that I’m not adverse to. So that bodes well. Or does it...

It’s bottle-conditioned, 330ml and comes in-to me-a surprisingly strong 5.5%. It poured dark amber with little carbonation and a small, beige head. The aroma was fairly subdued; just a hint of orange and spice.

It’s a medium-bodied beer with quite a stiff malt backbone. There’s some orange and toffee and a little spice in the background, but nowhere near as fruity as I was expecting. There’s also a little unexpected acidity that gives it a slightly unpleasant astringent aftertaste.

This was created to be drunk with dark pheasant and other game and may work on that level. However, on its own it comes across as a very strong bitter with only hints of what it promises. Quite disappointing.

Tyson says: Where’s the orange and cinnamon? 

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