Breakfast Beer Tasting: Batch 16

This morning’s little appetizer is one from the Batch Brew microbrewery who are based in the faraway city of Winchester. However, I believe that their beer is actually contract brewed at Oakleaf. It’s a 500ml bottle and is 5%. I’ve not come across any of their beers before, but I like the branding. It says cool in a graphics designed, funky way and the suggested food pairing hints at the audience they’re aiming at.

It poured hazy golden with medium carbonation and a very small off-white head. The aroma is quite mild but with discernible citrus notes of lemon and orange with surprisingly little wheat beer character. There’s more citrus in the flavour, but grapefruit dominates the pack here and leads to a dry, fruity aftertaste.

You can’t imagine this being mistaken for a Belgian or German wheat beer, but it’s very good, nonetheless. The wheat component is neatly stripped back to allow the bold citrus flavours to really shine in a refreshing (almost) pint.

Tyson says: That will do nicely. 


Tandleman said…
Still getting your blog rendered in block capitals. Tried it on two different machines. Same outcome.
Angus Boag said…
Agree. Looks like arse.
Penny said…
Viewing it at work it looks fine but, like yours, the browsers are set for a neutral view.

Looking at it on the ipad, it looks like one of those new web fonts. Is it Permanent Marker?

With your layout, I would suggest something like Cherry Cream Soda.
Tyson said…
Duly viewed om an ipad. It's pants. I shall have a word with the graphics team about changing it.

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