Breakfast Beer Tasting: London Fields Galaxy IPA

Back to home waters today with an offering from London Fields who are, unsurprisingly, based in London. They’ve got a rather nice setup under the railway arches-de rigueur for craft breweries in London-and you can sample their wares at source on Saturday and Sundays.

It’s a 330ml, bottle-conditioned, package and comes in at 6%. It poured a nice, clear (for a BCA) amber with little carbonation and the smallest of off-white heads. The aroma isn’t massive but has clear elements of spicy, floral hops and a little tropical fruit. It’s medium bodied with an aggressive taste of green fruit, oranges mango and a hard mineral edge that follows into the aftertaste.

This should have been a hopheads delight. But what I’m guessing are the aggressive traits of Galaxy are to the fore and that and the mineral edge takes the shine off it.

Tyson says: Harder work than you might think. 


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