Breakfast Beer Tasting: Mikkeller Czechnet Pilsner

Another morning, another beer brewed not where you might think. Today’s offering is from the mighty Mikkeller, who are as Danish as Lurpak. However, I’m led to believe that this beer is brewed at De Proefbrouwerij, who are as Belgian as Tintin. It’s all Scandinavia to me. What do you mean Belgium isn’t Scandinavian? Well, it jolly well should be.

It’s a 33cl bottle and is 4.6%; a quite moderate strength for Mikkeller. It poured a healthy looking golden with good carbonation and a large white head. The aroma wasn’t what you would expect from a Pilsner; it was floral hops and a little lemony. The taste was crisp and dry. Lemon again with a slightly spicy, mineral edge that gives way to a bitter-sweet finish.

Let’s make one thing clear. This is not a Pilsner. So I’m going to mark it down for that. However, put that out of your mind-if you can-and as you would expect from Mikkeller, it’s a nice enough number if you like fruity, hoppy beers.

Tyson says: Stop calling it a Pilsner and I might have another. 


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