Breakfast Beer Tasting: Partizan Columbus Cascade Bravo

What better way to rekindle the memories of those long ago days in London than by having a Partizan beer for breakfast. This one is one of their triple combinations of hops and comes packaged in 330ml, bottle-conditioned, form and is a healthy 7.4%.

It poured a Kernelesque unclear form of red-brown with lively carbonation and a large off-white head. The aroma is tropical: mango and pineapple but slightly herbal and earthy as well. It’s medium-bodied with a good citrus kick. There’s plenty of grapefruit, mango and pine; all underpinned by a good malt backbone.

The hop tingle continues into the dry and long, bitter aftertaste. On the strong side, a la Kernel, but all handled with aplomb, as I would now expect from Partizan.

Tyson says: I don’t mind if I do. 


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