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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Breakfast Beer Tasting: RCB Chocolate Porter

Today we go to the dark, comforting, side with a Chocolate Porter. But first, a few words about RCB’s labels. They’ve really come on and now contain detailed information with a bitter/sweet rating, RAIB logo and even how much you get back for returning it for recycling. All in all, a very professional job.

This is a bottle-conditioned, 500ml, beer and weighs in at a premium Bitter strength of 4.4%. It poured a dark, dare I say chocolate, brown with decent carbonation and a medium tan head. The aroma was pleasing enough: very chocolate rich, with a little roast thrown in for good measure.

Medium bodied in nature, the beer itself had similar chocolate notes as the aroma, but also sweet malt and molasses. I was expecting this to be sweeter, but the chocolate segment was nicely balanced by a dryness that made it clear that is this indeed a Porter. Albeit a Chocolate-Porter.

Tyson says: A chocolate coated twist to an old favourite. 

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