Breakfast Beer Tasting: RCB Sedated Monk

How to finish the week off? What better way than with a locally brewed Belgian Dubbel? Well that’s what we have today, thanks to Matt Holmes of RCB fame. This s one of his specialty range, so don’t expect to see it in your local Tesco just yet.

It’s comes in 500ml, bottle-conditioned, form and tips the scales at a Belgian strength 7.8%. It poured dark/ruby and very lively with a large tan head. The aroma was a subtle mix; with hints of toffee, malt and some dark fruit, estery notes.

The beer itself was medium bodied and had a balance of dark berries, sweet malt and figs. There’s also phenolic notes, which I believe is characteristic of this style, and it’s warming in a burgundy way. One to be sipped whilst sat in front of the fire, I think.

Tyson says: A little too phenolic for my taste, but a good effort at this style. 


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