Breakfast Beer Tasting: Viennese Twirl

RCB are getting well known for their interpretations of a wide range of beer styles. So, once again, today we are transported across the EU for this twist, or should that be twirl, on an Austrian theme.  I’m guessing that, by specifically referencing Vienna, they are trying to capture some of that old Viennese magic.

Regulars will have by now guessed that its 500ml and is bottle-conditioned. It’s also just creeps under the 5% barrier at 4.9%. It was very lively and poured a reddish-brown with a large, beige head. On the nose there was a little caramel and sweet malt. It’s a medium bodied beer with various notes of toasted malt, some fruit and a little residual sweetness.

Tyson says: Pleasant enough, but a little bit dull by RCB's standards. 


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