When It's Springtime In Alaska Manchester (It's 40 Below)

Cold in here, isn't it?

It’s Saturday. We should be at Magic Rock. We should be in Huddersfield, imbibing at the Grove. We’ve had our vaccinations and our passports stamped. But, alas, it was not to be. That darn Yorkshire weather had beaten us. For the first time, ever, a CAMRA trip had to be cancelled.

What to do? There were people literally besides themselves with alcoholic lust after depriving themselves of God’s greatest gift during the week. Of course, I hadn’t made such a schoolboy error, but always willing to help those worse off than myself, I was willing to go along to help them sate their basic needs.

Manchester was the designated alternative trip. And what a lovely, fresh day it was. Cold, some might even say. Cold enough for a Scotsman like Tandleman to wrap up in his trendy, warm Ben Sherman coat that he bought for 2 farthings. Beer wise: the Marble Arch offered an indifferent Pint and a strangely off-form Liverpool Organic Iron Men. However, the Draft was, as usual, excellent.

Liverpool Organic made a better showing with their Pale Ale in the Angel and Kernel on draught was the pick in Common. It was warm enough in Terrace, but sadly all the beer was below par. Which certainly wasn’t the case in Port St:  where the Hand Drawn Monkey Pale Ale tickled the old taste buds. In fact, it was so relaxing, some people even took off their jackets. 


Anonymous said…
That's the sexiest picture of Tandleman I've seen all year.
Tyson said…
That's the only one you'll be seeing this year. There is a strict EU quota.
Tandleman said…
I must emphasise the hat was borrowed from Jill.
Tandleman said…
And it is a Bench coat.
Tyson said…
Even worse. A brand so trendy I've never even heard of it.
Sean said…
Awesome. Should be on Camra's recruitment poster.

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