Breakfast Beer Tasting: La Socarrada

First, the important disclaimer. Today’s breakfast beer treat comes courtesy of the kind folks at ultracomida. They are the exclusive distributors for La Socarrada; a Spanish craft lager originating from Xativa-Valencia. The distinguishing feature here is that it’s made with rosemary and rosemary honey. Now I like a bit of rosemary on my pizza or a pinch with some cheese, so was looking forward to trying this.

It’s a big boy: 75cl and 6% and comes in a stylish, minimalist design with just a gold label attached to give any clues to its contents. Full marks for design, then. It poured a hazy amber with good carbonation and a healthy white froth on top. The aroma was promising; a little herbal with ginger spice and some rosemary.

The beer was medium-bodied and hid the strength well. Initially it seemed herbal in nature, rather sweet followed by a pepperiness. However, the rosemary soon takes hold, followed by another wave of rosemary and then more rosemary. There is something of a bittering finish, but it’s quickly replaced with, yes you guessed it, rosemary.

This beer can be summed up in one word: ROSEMARY. I like rosemary but here it completely overwhelms the malt and everything else. This is definitely a specialist beer. Interesting, yes, but although it may be a good match for pork dishes or something of a similar nature, it’s just too much on its own.

Tyson says: Too much rosemary for this beerhound. 


Tandleman said…
Ha. They sent me one too. Looks like I know what to expect now.

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