Breakfast Beer Tasting: London Fields Pale Ale

This morning sees me kick off the weekend with one of my favourite styles: Pale Ale. These went from being something of a redundant style some years back to being reinvented along American lines with the addition of more, and unusual, hops. This contains Galaxy hops from Tasmania, so it shouldn’t be dull.

It’s a bottle-conditioned 500ml and bucks the trend for upping the alcohol by coming in at only 3.9%. It poured an attractive burnished gold with good carbonation and a large, white head. The bouquet was malt-fruit; some biscuit malt with distinct citrus notes.

The body was light with good, crisp citrus and passion fruit flavours coming through. There’s a good level of bitterness that stings the inside of the cheek and leads to a satisfyingly dry finish. This is a refreshing, easy-drinker that will satisfy your hop cravings.

Tyson says: A tasty treat courtesy of the land down under. 


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