Breakfast Beer Tasting: Moncada Notting Hill Amber

Another day, another new brewery to face the breakfast beer test. Moncada, from West London, count on all fronts as, although I’ve heard of them, I’ve never come across them in cask, let alone in bottle. They are part of the controversial, so-called natural beer movement, which does not believe in using finings to keep their beer clear. Hmmm. Looks like once more I must dive, without a safety net, into the unknown.

It’s a bottle-conditioned 500ml and, although I was told this was 4.9%, the bottle clearly says 4.7%. It poured hazy amber with good carbonation and a medium off-white head. The aroma was pleasant: malt/toffee, apricot and a little grapefruit. A solid malt backbone anchored the flavour to red fruit, some spice and grapefruit and finishes on a decent bitter note. Amber ales are very easy to get wrong, but this is a well-balanced, excellent example of the style.

Tyson says: Forget the finings debate, this Amber ale is a tasty treat 


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