Breakfast Beer Tasting: RCB My Precious

The beginning of the end of the working week and what better way to celebrate than with a Pale Ale? Well, what about a premium Pale Ale? Because that’s what we have this morning. Ringers (the in-term for Lord of the Rings fans) will recognise the allusion to Gollum immediately, but it is, of course, all about the beer.

This comes in the now familiar Ramsbottom Craft Brewery 500ml bottle and is a bottle-conditioned 5.3%. It poured with an appealing golden hue, good carbonation and a thin off-white head. The aroma was a light, but pleasant mix of malt and orchard fruit.

The beer itself was medium bodied and hid the alcohol well. There was a crisp biscuit malt backbone with juicy fruit tones, a little spice and a very pleasing dry finish. Crisp, refreshing and moreish. Very satisfying, it has to be said.

Tyson says: Does what it says on the tin. I’d like to try this on cask. 


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