Breakfast Beer Tasting: RCB Oh Sunny Day

Spring has sprung. The clocks have gone forward. A young man’s fancy turns to women beer. We have bright sunny skies and warm weather...well almost.  Am I setting the scene for you? Because today we have a premium Bitter that should be ideal for this time of year. Now I’ve had this on cask in Ramsbottom, so once again was looking forward to trying the bottled version.

It’s 4.6% and, as usual for RCB, comes in 500ml bottle-conditioned form. It poured straw in colour with minimum carbonation and the merest hint of any head. There wasn’t much in the aroma, but I did detect some sweet malt. The body was light, with a very mellow flavour. The pale malt is balanced by a little bitterness that last through to the bitter-sweet finish.

I enjoyed this on cask and while the bottled version doesn’t quite replicate that experience, this is still a pleasant drop.

Tyson says: A well-balanced, easy-drinking premium Bitter. 


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