Breakfast Beer Tasting: Wild Beer Scarlet Fever

A little excitement at the Tyson kennel this morning as Wild Beer finally came up in the beer lucky dip draw. You can read about their approach to all things beery here. I’ve been wanting to put them to the breakfast test for some time so, without further ado, let’s have it.

It’s a 33cl bottle and comes in at 4.8%. It’s billed as a ruby-red ale, but poured more of a hazy amber/brown with good carbonation and a modest beige head. The aroma was quite deep: a pleasant mix of caramel, brown sugar and lots of C hops.

It was surprisingly light on the mouthfeel and went down very easily. There’s a good mash-up of malt, toffee, dark berries, a little pine and, oh yes, a good blast of citrus flavour that lasts into the moderately dry finish.

Tyson says: Worth the wait. A very tasty and satisfying brew. 


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