Hit & Miss

The miss of the Easter weekend? The beer festival at the Fishermans Retreat near Ramsbottom. Having not held such an event for some time, expectations were high. Although always on the very expensive side for food-gastro with a capital G, and beer, quality has never been a problem. And there are still fond memories of their old festival in a marquee and its row of handpumps. Ok, the event wasn’t well publicised, but a pub of this standing-well any pub really, with time and equipment at its disposal, should put on a good show. However, the beer on opening night had clearly been tapped too late in the day. And at £3.50 a pint, that is completely unacceptable.

However, our Easter weekend disappointment was eased by a visit to the newly opened Font bar in Chorlton. Situated opposite the leisure centre and just up from the likes of Pi and the Beagle, this is a welcome addition to the Manchester drinking scene. Its interior is reminiscent of the TARDIS and whilst it’s clearly still a work in progress; it’s clearly hit the floor running with the beer selection. A very impressive list of cask, keg and bottle (Partizan, anyone) that will bring out your inner beer geek. And a generous 25% discount for CAMRA members makes it better value than Wetherspoon! 


Cooking Lager said…
better than spoons? is there another mecca for those of us that worship at the alter of the sub £2 pint?
RealAle UpNorth said…
Well done the Font Bar. Crikey! 25% discount for CAMRA members. They will be piling down in their black north face jackets and rucksacks to worship at the altar of THE FONT :-)
Tyson said…

The days of the Spoons sub £2 a pint are gone now. What you have here is a proper pong palace, frequented by trendies and girls, but cheap:)
Tandleman said…
Trendies and girls? I'll get my coat.

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