Kernel@Brewdog Manchester

Tuesday saw a very special meet the brewer event take place at Brewdog Manchester. There was a tap take over by Bermondsey’s very own Kernel brewery. Of course, Kernel stand in the premier league of craft brewing in the UK and so a chance to meet the man behind their success, Evin O'Riordain, was too good an opportunity to miss. There were Twitterers, bloggers, people you hadn’t heard of (hello fanboy58) and the odd person just popping in randomly.

It was great to finally meet Evin and have a bit of a chat. Of course, there were beers to be drunk.

I thought Mosaic (everyone’s favourite Citra substitute) was the best, followed by the London Sour. The Table Beer, previously a favourite, suffered a little at its new, reduced strength.

But man does not live by keg alone, so after four hours of Brewdog, it was time to sharpen the palate with some cask at Port St Beer House. And what a choice there was. Not a bad one in the whole line up. Arbpr, Dark Star and Summer Wine. Yes, please. But Jack & Jill do not live by draft alone, so bottles of Partizan were duly ordered. It seems however hard you try, you cannot escape the lure of Bermondsey. 


Sean said…
I can't believe those prices. Why on earth was it so expensive?

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