Breakfast Beer Tasting: Arbor Brigstow Bitter

Arbor Ales have carved themselves a well-deserved reputation in the brewing world and, along with the Bristol Beer Factory, have helped to put Bristol on the brewing map. I’ve made no secret of my admiration for Arbor and their hop-driven brews, but this is something different. Comprising of Crystal malt and Caramalt, blended with Challenger, Fuggles and East Kent Goldings hops; it’s their take on the classic English Bitter.

It’s a 500ml bottle and is 4.3%. The beer poured tawny with a slight beige head. The aroma was somewhat biscuity with a little malt and autumn fruits. Taste wise, it was a finely tuned piece of brewing, Balanced, but tasty. A crisp bite was full of malt/cereal notes with perhaps a little orange that lead onto a good, bitter finish. Courtesy of the Challenger hops, I presume.

Tyson says: This is another excellent effort from Arbor. Traditional in concept, but thoroughly modern in execution. 


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