Breakfast Beer Tasting: Brewdog El Dorado

Another morning, another single-hop IPA from Brewdog. This time it’s El Dorado, named after the new American hop from the Pacific North West. And not the John Wayne film like you were probably thinking. I have had one or two cask beers that have used this hop-notably George Wright-and have been impressed. So how does the Brewdog effort square up?

Of course it’s 330ml and, being part of their IPA is Dead series, of course it’s 6.7%. It poured a clean looking amber with good carbonation and a medium off-white head. Tropical fruit hits you in the nose straight away. Lots of orange peel, passion fruit and watermelon. If you were still allowed to call a beer zesty, this would be it. Orange (Clementine?) really comes to the fore here with a myriad of other citrus flavours following suit. The finish is citrus fruit driven bitterness; rather than the dry edge that the Dana had.

Tyson says: Put your breakfast fruit juice down and pick this up. Very tasty and perfect for summer. 


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