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Friday, 21 June 2013

Breakfast Beer Tasting: Ramsbottom Craft Klein Dunkelweizen

This morning sees yet another new beer from Bury’s busiest brewer: Matt Holmes at Ramsbottom Craft. Trivia fact of the day; he’s very, very good at croquet. Where does he find the time? Anyway, back to the breakfast tipple. This is in the Dunkelweizen style, so I’m basically expecting a brown wheat beer-complex malts with fruit and cloves.

It’s a 500ml bottle and comes in at 4.8%. It poured a hazy brown (as expected) with good carbonation and a large tan head. The aroma was malt driven: caramel, milk chocolate and a little bit of spice. RCB beers tend to hide the alcohol well and this passes off for something of a lower strength. The taste is quite earthy with caramel, chocolate and some banana, if I’m not mistaken, in there as well. The mild-medium bitter finish is somewhat reminiscent of cooking chocolate.

Tyson says: Another Who needs München when you have Ramsbottom? 

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