Breakfast Beer Tasting: Wild Beer Madness IPA

Thursday morning is traditionally IPA day. Well, tradition has to start somewhere and I’m starting it here. Wild Beer Co are a craft beer outfit from deepest Somerset who like to do things a little differently. Apparently when brewer Bett Ellis landed on these shores, he was disappointed to find we were lacking in West Coast IPAs. This is his attempt to rectify that.

It’s a 330ml bottle and weighs in at 6.8%. The label promises hops, hops and hops, so expectations are high. It poured a nice looking amber with plenty of carbonation and a large white head. The aroma was pungent: floral pine and citrus. The body was surprisingly light for the strength and flavours fizzed and pickled over the tongue.

This is not a subtle beer. The first wave of pine-infused hops hits you straight away. You get a sense of the biscuit malt backbone and a twist of grapefruit before the second hop wave hits you. The bottle says it’s been late hopped, dry-hopped etc and that certainly comes through in the taste. The finish is long and bitter and pine needles stick to the back of the throat.

Tyson says: If your idea of a hoppy beer is Newcastle Brown, then this isn’t for you. If however, like me, you enjoy being hit in the mouth with a hop bucket, you’ll love it. 


bailey said…
We were very impressed by this. (Disclosure: we got given a bottle when we visited the brewery to interview them.) Really 'weedy', and not in the Walter the Softy sense, and well put together. That is, no dodgy homebrew flavours, or wateriness, or yeasty, muddy flavours.
Tyson said…
Yes, I was suitably impressed, myself.

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