From Grain to Glass: An Unexpected Journey

Do not press
Better write it all down
Saturday saw me have an early morning start to take the yellow brick road to Wigan. Specifically to Allgates Brewery. This despite starting Friday’s drinking session, somewhat unwisely it has to be said, with Weird Beard Chinook (7.4%) and nursing an ear infection. What a trooper, eh? Now cynics among you may think that free beer may have been the stimulus here, but you’d be wrong. Ha. This was purely for professional reasons, I can assure you. I know, it makes a change. I was there to (help) brew a beer. Yes, really. Stop laughing at the back. There had been some discussion on that there Twitter thing and Allgates gaffer David Mayhall had called my bluff and invited me along to walk the walk. Eek! So along with Tandleman and Jim (BeersManchester) I set out on a journey of discovery. Sadly, Jay Krause (Quantum Brewing) couldn’t make it, but who needs professional brewers, eh?

Now I like to think of it as three wise men arriving with gifts of knowledge and wisdom. The reality may be closer to the Three Stooges, but everyone is allowed to dream. I did have a plan, though. Oh yes. It was not to break the brewery. Mustn’t break the brewery was my mantra. If there were any red buttons marked “Do not push”, I wasn’t going to push them. And, dear readers, you know what? I never did. It was a great day out and it was absolutely fascinating to be involved from start to finish in the brewing process. It’s also very illuminating to see theoretical knowledge put into practice. Obviously you learn a lot. Which means, ha-ha. I can become even more of a beer bore. Should the opportunity arise.
Looking good

I’m pretty sure we all enjoyed ourselves. I know I did. David and Jonathan, the brewer, were very generous hosts when, I’m sure, they could have been spending their Saturday much more productively than acting as nursemaids to three beer bloggers. In fact, I’m sure Jonathan kept dashing off to make sure I hadn’t broken the brewery, but that might just be my paranoia. And when will this triumph of brewing be available for sampling? It should be appearing in a Bury hostelry in about three weeks. I’ll let you know where and when. Initial signs are very promising and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a cracker. Allgates don’t brew a bad beer. But if it is rubbish, remember, it’s all Jonathan’s fault. Not mine. Oh no.

Thanks to all concerned. If you want to read all the gory bits; Jim, apart from being a very nice fella, is an accomplished note taker and has written a far more erudite and detailed account than I ever could have. You can read it here


Unknown said…
Nice,enlightening blog, as always. I will have to do something similar - and I will have to commence angling for an opportunity soon! Lol :-)
Anonymous said…

You're too kind. It was a great day and enhanced by the conversations in the bar upstairs and in The Anvil! (Me listening to you and Peter, of course!)

See you soon.

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