Stockport Beer Festival

The 27th annual Stockport Beer Festival is well under way at Edgeley Park and you have until the end of today to sample its delights. They promise over 200* beers, ciders and perries. A visit on Thursday afternoon revealed that they have a particularly impressive range of ciders/perries this year and very smart they looked too in their new cooling jackets. One advantage of holding it at a football stadium is that there is no shortage of seats and it also gives them the luxury of being able to host music in a separate room. Stockport is only a 10 minute train ride from Manchester and Edgeley Park is only a leisurely stroll away.  

*Not all the beers are on at once. So there should still be plenty left to drink today


Barry said…
I'm afraid I'm one of the many drinkers who choose to boycott it. A boast of "over 200 beers" is meangingless when only a portion of the total is on at any time. Rationing beer is bad practice and insulting to the people who may have travelled a great distance to get there.
RedNev said…
I tend to agree, Barry, and I know a number of people who don't go there for the same reason. However, I wouldn't say that it's an insult to people who have travelled some distance (in what way are they insulted?) - just poor customer service.
Martin Ward said…
I think the point is that you may travel a fair distance only to find the beers you wanted unavailable. What is wrong with first come first served?

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