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Wake me when beer comes

Titanic is a well known name on the pumpclips of Britain and thanks to various distribution deals, you may come across its beers from John O’Groats to Land’s End. It’s been around a long time in micro brewing terms: 1985 and is currently owned by brothers Dave & Keith Bott. Saturday saw a CAMRA expedition visit the brewery in Burslem and then several pubs in the area.  The brewery is bigger than I expected-it’s a 50 BBL plant, so it was a little surprising that beer was only available straight from the cask and served in plastic glasses.

No such problems at the brewery tap, the Bulls Head where I was able to sample my favourite Titanic beer, Iceberg. This is a 4.1% wheat beer made with Yakima, Galena and Cascade hops and, kept well, is a very refreshing pint. I also got to try Nine Tenths Below, a Jaipur clone which, I was assured, was exactly like Jaipur, but they are unable to sell much of it as Thornbridge have the market sewn up. I’m afraid the unanimous verdict was that it doesn’t sell because it’s nothing at all like Jaipur. And not in a good way.

Time, folks!
I liked the Duke William, a large, imposing multi-roomed pub with the beer of the day: Oakham Citra. Not far away the Post Office Vaults offered Oakham Inferno as an alternative. Another interesting pub was the unusually named Holy Inadequate in Etruria. Mallinsons was on the bar but it was the interior that caught the eye. Amongst the pictures and memorabilia on display was a rarity that got the Rochdale contingent excited.

Rochdale & Manor were a large brewing concern until they were taken over by Sam Smiths in 1948 and brewing ceased in the town in 1974. Also unusual was the pub’s way of advertising their entry in the Good Beer Guide. No banner outside for them. No, they had the artist who did the mural inside paint them a notice outside. And very nice it looks too. It was a return to the blessed Iceberg at the final stop-the Greyhound at Hartshill. A good finale to a good day out


Anonymous said…
Shame I only found out after your visit, Burslem is my home town and you drank in some of my favourite haunts
Tyson said…
Sorry to have missed you. Looks like you have some good pubs in that area.
CubanHeels said…
My kind of day out! I'll keep my ear to the ground a bit better in future!

Love Titanic dark stuff, Mild, Stout & Choc & Vanilla (guilty pleasure!

Whatever happened to their beer called "Premium", I used to serve it in The Crescent in the early 90s and it would go down a storm.

You at The Baum tomorrow?
Anonymous said…
I REALLY need to put my ear to the ground more! That sounds right up my street.

Love Titanic darks a lot.

Whatever became of their beer called "Premium" in the 90s? I used to serve it in the Crescent and it would go like the clappers!

You at The Baum tomorrow young hound?
Tyson said…
I'm afraid family commitments mean I can't make the Baum.

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