Breakfast Beer Tasting: Ramsbottom Craft Pink Pepper Bock

Monday is as good a day as any for trying something different. And this Pink Pepper Bock should fit the bill nicely. What on earth is a Pink Pepper Bock, oh font of all knowledge, I hear you ask. Well clearly it’s a, er, Pink Pepper Bock thingy type of beer. No surprises to learn that it’s an experimental brew from Mr Holmes up there in Ramsbottom. It’s made with a 100% barley grain bill, and is fermented with weizen yeast before the spicy hops are added. Oh and there are pink peppercorns in there as well.

It's bottle-conditioned, 500ml, and 4.1%. It poured light amber with good carbonation and a thin off-white head. The aroma was a pungent mix of bubblegum and spiced yeast. The body was light and quite smooth. The aroma flavours come through in the taste but in a more subtle balance. So it’s spicy and slightly perfumery with a underlying malt sweetness. The finish is a short burst of pepper at the back of the throat. An easy drinking, somewhat dunkeleque beer.

Tyson says: A beer that refuses to be pigeonholed 


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