Breakfast Beer Tasting: Ramsbottom Craft Spangled IPA

When it’s a Tuesday morning such as this, your thoughts will naturally turn to beer. And the temperature and mood is just calling out for an IPA. Which is handy as that is what is on offer today. Yes, it’s Ramsbottom IPA day. As usual it’s a 500ml, bottle-conditioned offering and, being an American affair, is a weighty 6.7%.

It poured amber in hue with excellent carbonation and a medium off-white head. Definite classic citrus notes-grapefruit mainly, in the aroma but also a strong presence of crystal malt in there as well. It started a little sluggish on the palate with crystal malt coming to the fore but then the grapefruit and lemon come through to add a little balance. It then dries out to an excellent, very bitter finish.

Tyson says: Loved the bitter finish, but maybe needs tweaking a little to redress the crystal malt issue. 


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