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Monday, 22 July 2013

Breakfast Beer Tasting: Ramsbottom Craft Stout In Chocolate

Monday morning: the perfect time to kick back and enjoy a pint of chocolate Stout. Or perhaps a stout chocolate? You don’t have to be a fully paid-up beer geek to get the gist of this beer. I think the title says all you need to know about it. But what did it taste like?

Well, it’s the standard 500ml format and is a bottle-conditioned 6%. It was quite lively and poured a good looking very dark-dare we say chocolate-colour with a medium tan head. The aroma was pleasant enough, a good mix of caramel and toffee notes. Taste wise, it was velvet smooth with lots of chocolate, a little caramel and some treacle. The finish is reminiscent of milk chocolate but avoids any cloying sweetness.

Tyson says: Not usually a flavour I seek out in beer, but this easy-drinker lives up to its name and will please lovers of all things chocolatey

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