Breakfast Beer Tasting: RCB Gamblers Paradise 11

If it’s Wednesday, then it must be Ramsbottom Craft Brewery day. Well it is today, anyway. Today sees Gamblers Paradise 11, a tweak of the original Gamblers Paradise and a beer that has already proved popular in its own right. As usual for RCB beers, it is bottle-conditioned and comes in 500ml form with a Best Bitter strength of 4.2%.

It poured copper with light carbonation and a small beige head. The aroma was subtle and consisted mainly of sweet malt and a little berried fruit. The body was light and there is a biscuit malt crispness backed with some tart fruitiness before a slightly sweet malt finish.

Tyson says: Crisper on cask, but another easy-drinker from RCB.


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