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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Quaker House Rocks The Trackside

It’s been hailed by some (ok, me) as the greatest beer ever brewed. And finally the unwashed masses have had their chance to try it. Yes, Allgates Quaker House Stout, as brewed by moi, Tandleman and BeersManchester arrived at the Trackside yesterday. Of course having already tried it, I knew it was good but the feedback from other drinkers has been very positive. How to describe it? A little piece of dark heaven here on earth? It’s jet black (as a proper Stout should be) with a lovely creamy head. The oats make for a very smooth drinking experience and people tell me it does not taste its 4.9% strength. Try it, if you can, on your travels. The best bit is that, thanks to the generous folks at Allgates, this firkin was donated in lieu of a donation to a charity of my choosing. And so, having decided I ought to match their generous offer, I’m happy to report a suitable donation has been made towards the terrific work that Sands does. 

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