Breakfast Beer Tasting: Weird Beard Hit The Lights

Time to gear up for the weekend with something special. An IPA seems the likely candidate. But no ordinary IPA, obviously. Weird Beard are yet another of the seemingly endless supply of London brewers keen to make their mark on the craft scene. Results so far have been very promising and this one boded well. Described as a “mixed up IPA”, it blends English malt with American yeast and Target and Aurora hops. The hop kick is given a boost with the addition of dry-hopping.

It’s a 588ml bottle and comes in at 5.8%. It was very lively and poured cloudy amber with a large off-white head. The aroma was an appealing mix of marmalade, light toffee and a healthy dose of fruity hop notes. Surprisingly this didn’t continue into the beer itself. Instead you are presented with a clean, crisp bitter-rather than fruity-bite that intensifies as it washes over your palate. The American yeast is there to hold back the esters and it works well in that role as the strength is barely noticeable.

Tyson says: All the elements are working in perfect harmony here. The result is an excellent crisp IPA that really delivers a bitter hop punch.


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