Project R@PSBH

Monday saw an unusual variation of meet the brewer at Port Street Beer House. Yes, the Roosters lads were there and there was beer to be sampled. But it was all the same beer. Well, kind of. The story behind Project R is that Roosters were approached by hop merchants Charles Faram and offered the chance to brew with some experimental hops. Looking round you may be forgiven for thinking that New World hops are the be-all and end-all of the hop industry. However, there is a lot of work going on to develop new strains of European and English hops and shorten the time it takes to bring them to market.

This is where Project R comes in. All the beers on offer were 4% and grounded with Golden Promise malt and Magnum hops with the experimental hops-four from Slovenia and two from England-added two minutes before the end of the boil. We had CF117, CF118, CF119 and...can you guess? That’s right: 121. The two English hops were labelled CF128 and CF130. It’s impossible to make any meaningful comparisons as, for example, the English hops were only hopped at half the rate of the Slovenian. But all the beers were sufficiently different and there was plenty of interaction with the brewers who seemed genuinely interested in feedback.

Another fun evening at PSBH.


RedNev said…
I now have to scroll right and left to read your blog, even though I didn't have to before.

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