A Quantum Leap

Now anyone who has attended Port Street Beer House regularly or numerous other Manchester/Stockport watering holes cannot have failed to come across Jay Krause. Not that I’m saying he likes a drink (shhh, he may do) but as the owner, brewer, cask-washer of Quantum Brewery, he has to mingle doesn’t he? Anyway, it’s the brewing bit that interested me. A brewery. In Stockport. Sounds like a double whammy of intoxicating love. Or should that be a love of intoxication? Either way it was resolved that a visit was in order.

Now Quantum is notoriously well hidden. For good reason: the good people of Stockport are well known for their love of imbibing and advertising temptation would be just asking for trouble. Plus there’s always the philistines who may simply want to melt it all down for Chinese money. So let’s just say it’s off Hempshaw Lane which is an invigorating walk out of town. Operating since 2011 on a 5 BBL plant, the resourceful; Mr Krause is a true one man band who has somehow managed to adapt his equipment to produce some unusual beers in all the requisite formats: cask, keg and bottle.

Jay really is a very nice guy who patiently explained concepts such as Keykeg to the assembled numpties. And, despite his threats/promises to swamp the CAMRA contingent with keg, there were two barrels of the ‘real stuff’ to keep them happy. He also let us sample an Imperial Stout from the conditioning tank and there was talk of barrel-ageing and collaborations with Brewdog. Frankly my eyes had already glazed over on sampling the excellent NZ Light and I probably spent too much time drinking and not enough time listening. No change there, eh?

A very enjoyable afternoon and heartfelt thanks to Jay for entertaining us.



Cooking Lager said…
How do get on these free piss ups?
Tyson said…

They are for highly trained and deeply discerning members of the pongy beer club only.

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