Another Brewery For Bury

It’s a well-known fact that Bury is the brewing capital of the UK. The air is heavy with malt and hops as out mighty breweries work tirelessly to quench the thirst of the working man. You might think the last thing we need is another brewery, but you’d be wrong. After all, you can’t have too many breweries. So, in a move that can only cement Bury’s reputation, Silver St Brewing Co have launched their first beer. Based in the so-to-be-opened Clarence pub on (wait for it) Silver St; this is labelled 001 and tells you that it's a light ale.. It’s made with NZ hops and is a pale 4% beer that has a good, dry, bitter finish. Very promising, I have to say. Look out for their beers at the upcoming Bury Beer Festival.  


Fresh Foodie said…
Great that you share your experiences with small breweries. I personally think that all these international big ones are killing the spirit of traditional beer as a product with character. I also prefer and support small traditional breweries for they always come up with a next great idea. In Berlin you can find nowadays lots of small breweries that procuce great individual beers. In case you come to Berlin drop by and I show you some great beers. There even was a small festival of small breweries last month.
Darren Turpin said…
I enjoyed a couple of pints of this one myself at Automatic on Saturday night. Very good indeed, I thought. Very refreshing, with a pleasant, dry finish.

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