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Friday, 4 October 2013

Glagow's Finest

Glasgow is well known as a crime free city. After all, they retired Taggart, didn’t they? So if you were wondering how the police spend their seemingly ample free time, then this story in the Daily Record will enlighten you. Some people may question whether it is a little heavy-handed. Others may wonder if it’s not more properly the job of local authority enforcement officers. But if being short changed over a sausage roll when ordering a breakfast beer isn’t a police matter, I don’t know what is.  


RedNev said...

Scots must be sleeping more easily in their beds.

Paul Bailey said...

It makes their crime clear up figures look better.

Hopefully the judge will see sense, realise this was a genuine error and throw the case out. The idiot plods who brought this case in the first place (or their superior officers), should be prosecuted for wasting public funds!

RedNev said...

Can the police be prosecuted for wasting police time?