The End of an Era

Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
(The Doors)
All good things must come to an end. Or so the ancient sages would have us believe. And so it has come to pass for the real ale dwellers of Bury. In a body blow that will have repercussions for several other watering holes; the long serving landlord of the Hare & Hounds in Holcombe Brook, Andy Grant, will be leaving next Monday. Together with his wife Lynn and his trusty bar elves, he turned the fortunes of the Dogs around-transforming it from a drug friendly dive to a family friendly cask oasis.

Liking a drop or two himself, the pub went from serving two badly kept usual suspects to a well kept range of ten. He also ran the biggest pub festival in the country, attracting tickers from near and far, but ensuring all the beer was cellar cooled and served with sparkler. This dedication to quality has ensured that he has built up quite a following locally. Indeed I’m betting that, apart from his many awards, his proudest achievement is that I have made it my local for nigh on these many years. He’s never actually said it, but I’m sure he’s thinking it.

In happier times. Receiving an award from the local CAMRA chairman
Of course he’s got his quirks. But we’ve learnt to overlook them. The fact that he’s a Yorkshireman, living in deepest Lancashire, who supports Liverpool, is never mentioned in polite company. But the new management at the owning pubco have decided, in their infinite wisdom, that his face no longer fits. Despite the high turnover, there is no longer room for mavericks. They have regional brands that need promoting. It’s do it our way or hit the highway. That is not the best way to manage a past winner of the National Provincial Police Award for bravery. Consequently and quite rightly, he has told them where to go.

No doubt there will have been some beer supped and some tears shed on Sunday by the time last orders are called.


Tandleman said…
If recall correctly the villains of this piece are Heineken aka S&N Pub Enterprises.

Great shame.
Tyson said…
The Devil has had many incarnatiuons. Currently known as Orchid.
Simon Ashton said…
Does this mean you are homeless?
Anonymous said…
He's left before & returned so this may not be final

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