Ratinger & Wuppertal

Saw this and thought of you
Let's go in here
And what about here
Nice and dry
As above
Ratingen is a town located just 7.5 miles to the northeast of Dusseldorf. Fun fact of the day: it’s twinned with Cramlington, Northumberland. But its main appeal lies in two areas; one is that having suffered very little wartime damage, it retains a number of interesting old buildings. The second is that it’s a virtual microcosm of the Dusseldorf beer scene, with several of the breweries having pubs here. As always, Ron Pattinson has been there first and you can read his review here. One amendment to note is that the Diebels am Markt now appears to be a Lowenbrau outlet but is still worth a visit. There is the Ratinger Brauhaus but common consensus was that the Schlüssel Brauereiausschank "Zu den drei Königen" was the best. This is a smart, well run establishment where you can sit at the bar and chat with the very amiable Serbian barman.
Welcome to Wuppertal
Fancy a swim?
I like it
Wuppertal. So good they named it once. To be fair, it’s surrounded by greenery. However, the city itself looks quite dismal and seems to have the architecture of 1970s Albania. It wears its chemical-industrial roots on its sleeve. After all, this is the place that gave the world Aspirin and heroin. These days it’s more famous for its suspension railway, the Schwebebahn: as ridden by Michael Portillo. Unfortunately on the rainy day I went, it was kaput and closed. Perhaps it should twin with the Metrolink? Never mind, you know what the Germans say, Wuppertal is not a one-horse town. Actually that is exactly what they do say. All the action seems to take place at the Wuppertaler Bräuhaus. This is an interesting building that is a converted swimming pool. You can try their unfiltered Helles, a Dunkel or (bottled) Pils. And then get the hell out of there.


Matt said…
Wuppertal is also the birthplace of Friedrich Engels whose childhood home I went to last year after looking round the industrial museum next door to it.
Tyson said…
Yes, unfortunately I didn't have time to explore. Next time, maybe.

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