Breakfast Beer Tasting: Beavertown Smog Rocket

After last night’s party excesses; no more reindeer hats, please, it’s time to steady the ship. London’s Beavertown have made an impact on the micro-brewing scene and won over a new legion of fans with their meet the brewer night at PSBH. With their Gamma Ray being one of the beery highlights of the year, it’s time to shake off the cobwebs with Smog Rocket, their smoked Porter.
This is a 330ml bottle-conditioned little number and weighs in at 5.4%. It poured very dark brown with good carbonation and settled down to have a medium tan head. The aroma was very pungent: lots of dark chocolate, damsons, a strong burst of roast malt and most definitely a healthy dose of peatiness. The beer itself was quite heavy and felt nearer 7% than 5%.

Taste wise there was a little spice and some hops, but mainly all of the aroma but in spades. It felt like chain smoking had been encapsulated in a beer with the finish leaving an unpleasant half-lit cigarette tang in the back of the throat. Any balance had been lost along the way and subtlety, always best with these ventures, had gone out of the window. Which is a shame as it did make the beer hard to enjoy.

Tyson says: Whilst not in the same league as rauchbiers, this is heading that way and remains an acquired taste.  


Paul Bailey said…
I will look out for this one, as I really like Rauchbiers.

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