Breakfast Beer Tasting: Ramsbottom Craft Fuggly Do

It’s Christmas. Or so the continuous cacophony of Yuletide tunes that have assaulted my eardrums in Tesco for months, tells me. Time to check Santa’s sack and drink some mediocre Christmas themed brown beers?  Bah humbug. I think not. Let’s carry on as usual seeking justice, liberty and fine ale. And as I’m off today, I thought I’d start by a dip in the beer randomiser. That’s the big box under the stairs, in case you were wondering.
And that brings us to Fuggly Do. A “white label” beer. What’s that, I hear you echo. Well a white label record is a test pressing and something of a rarity that is prized by collectors. Matt at Ramsbottom Craft seems to have brought this philosophy to beer and describes this series as when a “batch is so small that printing labels is too costly to consider.” So, a bit of a collector’s item. Perhaps it is Christmas. But will it be Christmas cheer or Christmas fail?

It’s a 500ml bottle-conditioned 4.2% beer. It poured very lively and settled down to an appealing hazy gold with a large white head. The aroma was surprising: more Belgian yeast than I was expecting. But the flavour makes it clear what this beer is all about. It’s a classic Fuggles infused English Pale Ale. There are strong notes of earthy toffee and a bit of a digestive biscuit bite. The finish is mildly dry and overall it’s a pleasantly satisfying drink.

Tyson says: Not a bad way to start the day.


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