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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Local News

It’s nice to have a bit of positive local news to report. And while both the town centre Wetherspoons continue to dip in form; there’s a new kid, or should that be monkey, in town. The Monkey House Brewery Inc is situated on Silver St and brings a welcome cask outlet not only to the Silver St crawl but to the town centre generally. This one-roomed bar has something of the Belgian brown bar about it and while it is a work in progress, the early signs are promising. Three handpumps adorn the bar and all three, including the house beer, are from the Marstons stable. However, it is free of tie and this may well change in the future. The manager is very keen and so is the pricing. £2 a pint during the week had even Uncle Albert singing its praises. One to watch.
Meanwhile the refurbishment of the Greene King estate continues its roll-out. The Wellington on Bolton Road has been done and the good news is that part of the makeovers seems to be an expansion of the guest beer policy. Black Sheep Golden Sheep has been spotted on in there. Now perhaps not the most exciting beer, but it has been greeted with open arms by desperate locals who are tired of Greene King mediocrity. In the town centre, the Knowsley has become the “Knowsley”. This apparently fits in with modern parlance as in “Are we going Knowsley tonight?” but I find it rather silly, it has to be said.
However, the pub interior has had a nice clean and paint job and the toilets have been seen to. Most importantly the beer range has seen a boost with no less than the full Greene King range accompanied by guest beers. Somewhat surprisingly, so far this has been Hornbeam and their White Swan and Top Hop have been a welcome alternative to the dreaded GK offerings. Not that GK are giving up without a fight. They have set up a pilot ‘craft’ brewery and the Knowsley recently had the first of these beers on sale. When the laughter had died down, the tasting began. What a horrible mess. Just as if someone had blended all the other GK beers. I think I’ll stick to the guests.

The Knowsley refit cost a reputed £160,000. On the other end of the scale, could a £1000 makeover see an upturn in the fortunes of the Elizabethan? The landlord, Wayne Welch, of this Ribble Drive pub certainly hopes so. It’s fair to say that in the past the Lizzie has had something of a reputation. As one review put it: “Horrible pub, avoid unless you are a chav, slag, drug dealer/addict. If your one of those then its right up your shit infested alley. Everyone else try somewhere else.” But since taking over in August, Mr Welch has redecorated, refurbished the car park, installed CCTV cameras as well as building a smoking shelter. As he says: “Don’t judge us on the past, judge us on what’s happening now.” Why not take a look for yourself?

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Paul Bailey said...

I saw the GK "Trial Brew" on sale last weekend at the Bedford, Tunbridge Wells. I didn't try it, but after reading your comments above, I'm glad I didn't!