Turn That TV Off Now

Do not watch this advert. It will warp your mind. You will lose all grounding in reality and enter some alternative reality.

So say the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) anyway. The advert, part of the Let There Be Beer campaign, funded by the Coalition of UK Brewers, was found guilty on four counts of breaching the ASA's code.. That the ad implied alcohol could contribute to an individual’s popularity, that drinking alcohol was a key component of social success, for portraying alcohol as indispensable and that drinking could overcome problems. Not convinced? Watch it again. You can clearly see that that alcohol accounts for the lad’s confidence when meeting his girlfriend’s father. And alcohol is blatantly behind the office worker’s relaxed attitude to a mountain of work. Imagine the damage that could be done if office workers throughout the land aped this approach.
Now the Coalition of UK Brewers, which represents the ad’s creators AB InBev, Carlsberg UK, Heineken UK, Miller Brands and Molson Coors, claimed that the advert was meant to be an “exaggerated interpretation of the real world”. It also claimed that the scenes attempted to identify situations where beer might be a “credible alternative’ to other drinks. But thanks to the complaint by the snappily-titled Alcohol Concern Youth Alcohol Advertising Council, the ASA saw through this smokescreen and banned this evil, mind-bending, propaganda. And while some might accuse the ASA themselves of living in some alternative reality, I bet that the thousands of people who didn’t complain are secretly pleased.


RedNev said…
It's okay to have lengthy Xmas adverts that entice hard-up people to squander their money on expensive consumer items that few actually need, depicting i-pods, tablets and other technology as stocking fillers, and generally causing many people to be broke until Spring.

But do not suggest they might enjoy a £1 bottle of beer.

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